45 hours' rest for truck drivers - FREJA_4

Does the Tesla Semi truck reevaluate a business? In this past year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk introduced the corporation’s entry into the commercial trucking marketplace: The Tesla Semi, nicknamed’The Beast’. The electric car is going to have a range of about 800 kilometers on a single battery charge. Its nickname is loosely based on the remarkable motor performance using an acceleration of zero to 100 km/h in five minutes, or in 20 seconds when loaded with kg. The energy consumption is less than 2 Kwh per mile. The truck has a semi-autonomous driving system that provide assistance to the motorist on extended trips and optimize street safety. The system will allow the motorist to go further with fewer sparks. A feature mentioned as a powerful value proposal in a business that is has growing challenges with recruiting drivers. The Tesla Semi will have a cost of $and is predicted to reach the streets in the beginning of 2019. Firms as DHL, PepsiCo, Walmart and UPS have already made their first orders. Tesla is not the first company to introduce electric vehicles to the transport industry: major truck manufactures as Volvo, Daimler and Mercedes-Benz also have jobs in the pipeline. Why is that the Tesla Semi creating such a big fuss? To begin 45 hours’ rest for truck drivers – FREJA with, Tesla includes a excellent track record of introducing products that changes an industry. The Tesla Model S wasn’t the very first electric vehicle to be introduced to the market, but by technology and design it changed the general perception of electrical vehicles, which pushed the advancement within the area significantly. Moreover, Musk’s personality and his many different projects are subject to massive media coverage and wide popularity — factors that may drive a growing attention to the transport industry and create changes. Additionally, there are obstacles for the achievement of Tesla Semi. The network of charging channels has to be expanded for the vehicle to be adequate over the longer paths. The complicated and distinct technic of this truck might also be a drawback if it has a break down, as only specialised workshops will be able to supply the needed support. At PNO we view the Tesla job as a vital player in the huge development that the business is undergoing right now. Tesla and Musk could inspire and lead the way towards change and rethinking within a market with a lot of chances. In PNO we want to participate in the existing travel by always evolve within our organisation and following the paths created by technologies and environmental responsibility.